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AEROID <> UN NewSpace Summit

Last week, AEROID attended the UN NewSpace Summit in Sydney. The day showcased Australia's passion, enthusiasm and talent in the industry and also outlined the exponential growth experienced by Australia's Space sector since the launch of the Australian Space Agency only 10 months ago.

With industry attendees from Boeing, Airbus and Northrop, great opportunities were established for small SME's and Startups to engage with these players to help bring new ideas and innovation to the industry and increase economic growth and outreach.

One highlight of the day was the confirmation announcement of Australia's $150 million partnership with NASA over the next five years in an effort to engage with NASA's Lunar programs such as Project Artemis. Natural resource mining on celestial bodies is becoming an increasingly prevalent initialised concept and through projects like Artemis, these initiatives are starting to slowly see progression and execution. The benefits from initiatives like this not only cultivates inspiration but also allows for a clearer vision of an interstellar future.

AEROID with Bill Barrett, Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants, and Karl Rodrigues, Executive Director of Australian Space Agency.