About Us

The majority of space innovation has been focused around hardware. At Aeroid, we believe that space hardware innovation should go hand in hand with software. We are addressing one of the key needs in creating a stable and scalable software infrastructure for outer space operations.

Aeroid is a software technology company located in Sydney, Australia. We are currently developing a software suite and a new Machine-2-Machine communication protocol for autonomous operations. Our protocol includes built-in machine governance, through the incorporation of principles from Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs), and also cluster based self verification amongst the local network enabled devices, sensors and IoT devices. 

Our Suite


API / ETP Interface

AEROID Decentralised Autonomous Organisation 

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication Protocol 

Communication gateway to resource management, planning and operation systems and web applications.

Uses an interconnected web of smart contracts to automate all its essential and non-essential processes. Capabilities: machine governance, proposal management and business logic and operation automation.

Direct communication, low-level communication language and data sharing solution for programmable logic controllers, distributed hardware modules, and IoT devices.