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Private and Government initiative to accelerate advances in lunar missions and the lunar industrial revolution.

Future-proofing the Space Industry.


The worldwide market value for machine to machine connections has a projected worth of 200 billion by 2022 and the Industry Share of Smart Cities is expected to increase by 18.9% and reach 237.6 billion by 2024. AEROID is playing its part to increase the world's adoption of these new dominant industries in order to unlock a more positively connected and economically

viable ecosystem. 


The number of connected devices has already reached 7 billion and the sales figure for industrial robots has increased almost four fold since 2009, with over 2.3 million units being deployed on factory floors. Through combining sophisticated mechanical designs with cutting edge electronics, AEROID aims to build machines that break real world boundaries. 


At AEROID, we recognise that creating a viable future in space requires great ambition and great commitment. To begin this process we are devoted to creating a sustainable and comprehensive interplanetary supply chain management system to effectively support outer space operations and manufacturing.


2019 Q3
2019 Q3
2019 Q4
2019 Q4
  • M2M ecosystem 

  • Service optimisation

   - Dubai Festival city (UAE)
   - Dubai Global Village (UAE)

  • M2M connectivity

  • Traffic management 

  • Service optimisation

  • Data policies

   - Smart Dubai (UAE)
   - RTA (UAE)

  • AEROID Protocol 1.0v

  • Application layer development (API/SDKs)

   - Sydney (Australia)

  • Automation manufacturing and engineering

  • Beta Testing (500 - 2000 tps)

   - Al Quza (UAE)

2019 Q4
  • Service automation and M2M economy development 

  • IoT connectivity and automation

   - Shanghai (China)

2020 Q1
  • Manufacturing automation

  • Tech licensing 

   - Abu Dhabi (UAE)

2020 Q2
  • Space engineering automation & service optomisation 


   - Abu Dhabi (UAE)

2020 Q3
  • Interplanetary supply chain management  

   - Abu Dhabi (UAE)

2020 Q4
  • Interplanetary supply management implementation

  • Space engineering and space service optimisation

  • Service implementation and licensing 

   - Abu Dhabi (UAE)

2020 Q4
  • Lunar licensing

  • Lunar supply and landing management

  • Lunar M2M economy development 

  • Launch preparation

   - Abu Dhabi (UAE)

   - Florida (USA)



2021 Q2
  • Test Launch

  • Technical modifications and optimisation

   - Abu Dhabi (UAE)



2021 Q1
  • Analog missions

  • Data collection and performance testing and refinement

   - Simulation Laboratories (Worldwide)



2021 Q3
  • Technical modifications and optimisation

  • Launch refinement and final procedures

   - Abu Dhabi (UAE)



2021 Q4
  • ​Lunar Industrial Initiative launch

   - Abu Dhabi (UAE)

   - Sydney (Australia)